through the body, connect to soul

Deha Yoga Studio Information


Class Cancellation Policy


If you cannot make it to class, please cancel yourself out via the app or by logging in to your account through the website at least 2 hours before the start of class. You may also call the studio at least 2 hours in advance to cancel, but you must speak with a staff member directly. We will not count voicemails or emails as proper notice to cancel.


Failure to cancel out of a FULL or WAITLISTED class early will result in the loss of that class from your package or a $10 fee applied to your account (and charged to your stored credit card) if you are a member.

Should I register online to reserve my spot?

Absolutely! The easiest way to access Deha’s online registration system is through our mobile app. You can also download the apple/android versions of our app at the bottom of this paragraph. You'll log in to your account through the app and then it will let you register and pay for any class or workshop. When you register for a class online, you have peace of mind knowing that you have a spot saved for you. You can always just show up and hope that there is space in the class you are wanting to take. Your third option is calling the studio – we will put your name in the class.


Download the Deha yoga App for your device.
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How Waitlisted Classes Work


If you registered online for a full class, you will be added to the waitlist instead. As registered students cancel, the waitlist gets absorbed into the class and you will be notified via email if you get in to class.


If you do not receive an email, you can always show up about 15 minutes early for class and if we get a no-show student, you *may* be given their spot in the room, depending if any other waitlisted students are also waiting to get in. We go in order of the waitlist that was created online, then by order of who just shows up hoping to get in.

What is Deha’s Membership Cancellation policy?

All of the Membership policies are explained in detail on the Class Rates page. Please CLICK HERE to be taken to a new window.

As always, feel free to call or visit us with any questions. We are here for you!

Late Arrival Policy


We do not allow late-arriving students into the practice room.


This means that once the doors to the practice room close and class has begun, no one may enter. We find that late-arriving students "disturb" the energetic connection already created in the first few minutes. So please, give your practice, your teacher and your fellow students the respect that is deserved by arriving to class on time.  

If you do arrive after those doors close, please know that you are always more than welcome (and encouraged!) to hang out, have a cup of tea and relax on the couch. Please note we do not make exceptions to this policy.

How early should I get to the studio before class?

We highly recommend 10 minutes, just to get settled. It’s nice to have a bit of time in the room before class to let your mind relax! If 10 minutes is not doable, just get here before class starts! If you are new to the studio, please arrive 15 minutes before your first class to fill out paperwork, get a studio tour, meet your teacher and get settled. No new students will be allowed into class after it has begun.


Remember, once the doors to the practice room close and class begins, no one may enter.


What are Deha’s refund policies?

Refund policy for Single Classes & Class Packages:
All payments for single classes and 10 Class Passes are final sale and non-refundable. Remember, however, that you may SHARE YOUR PACKAGE with whomever you choose. This means that your partner, friend, roommate, neighbor or mailman can use a punch off your pass! You just let us know at the front desk when you are both checking in for class.  

Refund policy for Series and Workshops:
All payments for Series and Workshops are final sale and non-refundable. However, payments may be credited back to your account to be used toward future classes if you cancel out of the workshop or series class that you registered (and paid for) at least 48 hours prior to the start of the class. We do not provide a refund if the workshop or series class has already begun. Please contact the studio directly with any questions. 907-868-3342,

Refund policy for Retreat and Teacher Training DEPOSITS:
Retreat deposits and Teacher Training deposits are final sale and non-refundable.

Refund policy for Retreats and Teacher Trainings:
Payments made toward Retreats and Teacher Trainings are refundable up to a certain percentage (LESS THE DEPOSIT), depending on how far away the Retreat or TT start date is.

> If start date is more than 90 days away = 90% refund to account or credit card
> If start date is 30-90 days away = 70% refund to account ONLY
> if start date is within 30 days, no refund is given (this is because retreats and trainings are expensive to host, plan and execute!)  
Exchange Policy for Retail Items:
Payments made towards retail and books are final. Items may be exchanged within 7 days of purchase as long as the tags are still on, the item is still in new condition and the purchase receipt is presented.


Refund Policy for Massage, Room Rentals or Private Yoga Sessions:

Payments taken for the above services are non-refundable but may be returned to your account for use towards future products or services. Please note that payment for all  Services are taken at the time of booking and if the appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time, there is no refund or return to account. Please read more about our Massage Policies on the RESTORE page.

Our Vision

That we may all be healthy, happy and filled with peace.

At Deha we believe that with a dedicated yoga practice, we can once again come into right relation with OURSELVES - becoming a more conscious, healthy and happy human being. Only then can we shift the way we interact with everyone and everything around us. 

What does DEHA mean?

Deha is Sanskrit for "soul covering." Soul covering meaning our body. Our vessel. The way in which we physically interact with everything around us.

Our Mantra

through the body, connect to soul

Our Mission

 To provide a safe and sacred environment in which students are encouraged and empowered to expand their physical, mental and spiritual practice.

Our Values

  • We build community aimed at personal and planetary evolution.
  • We connect with courage, consistency and clarity.
  • We insist upon conscious communication.
  • We embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.
  • We honor our worth and welcome abundance in all forms.
  • We study, practice, learn and grow through continuing education.
  • We welcome the sacred in all that we do.
  • We live YOGA every day in every way.
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