through the body, connect to soul

Shamanic Journeying


a deeply insightful practice of connection

There is much more to each of us than our five senses allow us to experience. With the use of a drumbeat, our consciousness takes a step back and allows us to experience the other aspects of who we are. This ancient practice isn’t only for the spiritual elite - it’s every person’s basic human right to have a direct connection with their spiritual selves. Each session will include cleansing, intention setting, an assisted journey and interpretation. The experience can often be surreal, but is anything but un-real.

Single 60-Minute Session > $45

Journey Package:
A series of three journeys designed to introduce you to this deeply insightful shamanic practice. To be scheduled once a week for three weeks.

Session 1: Introduction to what shamanism is and what journeying is all about. This is the time to answer all your questions one-on-one! This first journey will introduce you to the spiritual animal kingdom, where you will likely meet to your own personal power animal.

Session 2: This session will bring you to another aspect of shamanism - the spirit realm.  Do you have a guardian angel, spiritual master, etc.? This journey will allow you to communicate with them on the conscious level. Not sure if there’s anyone out there? You might be surprised at who shows up for you, and who has been there all along!

Session 3: In the final session, you will journey to the realm of your choice and focus on one of three topics: relationships, career or health. This is an opportunity to receive clarity around situations in your life you find confusing or frustrating.

Three 60-Minute Sessions > $108  (save 20%)

To book one of these transformative and deeply insightful sessions with Chet:

please email, call us directly at 907-868-3342 or simply inquire next time you are in the studio!

Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to get checked in, changed (if needed) and settled in the Healing Room.

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