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Retail Offerings


Here at Deha we strive to offer a copious and eclectic selection of local and worldly wares.
You’ll find all sorts of goodies in our lobby, so whether or not you’re here for a class, we invite you to peruse our
extensive selection of yoga, spiritual and new age books, candles, oils and incense, yoga props, jewelry and art.

Books ~

We carry an extensive selection of yoga-related titles from several world-renowned publishers, such as SoundsTrue Publishing, Shambhala, Llewellyn, HarperOne, Wiley, Yoga Publications Trust, Mandala Earth Publishing, Human Kinetics Publishing, Snow Lion, Hay House and many more. 

Book genres/categories include Yoga Styles, Yoga How-To, Yoga History & Philosophy, Chakras & Energy Systems, Buddhism, Meditation & Mindfulness, Spirituality & Alternative Wisdoms, Shamanism, Health & Wellness, Women's Health, Pet Health, Inspiration & Personal Growth, Aromatherapy & Herbalism, Crystals, Angels & Spirit Guides and many more.

Yoga Props ~

We also carry a gorgeous selection of yoga props. Our bolsters, blankets, meditation cushions and yoga mats are all supplied by Halfmoon Yoga out of Vancouver, BC. They are made in North America and are the highest quality (and most beautiful) yoga props we've ever seen.
If there is something that you are interested, but we don't currently carry, we often do special orders for our students. Just ask us!

Herbal Teas, Oils, Scents & Jewelry ~

Gifts include candles, incense, statues, sage and other herbal scents, organic herbal teas from Buddha Teas, crystal jewelry from several local artisans, card decks & audio cds, beaded malas, doTERRA oils & diffusers, and many more beautiful and interesting items! We also have a rotating artist-in-house and photos, prints and artwork is displayed on the walls. We are also carrying local wares that change due to availability. You really just need to come and browse our selection of goodies.
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