through the body, connect to soul

Are you new to Deha Yoga?

Here are some tips before you come in:
  • Start by reading the descriptions of our classes to help you decide where you'd like to start. Find Class Descriptions under the PRACTICE tab above.
  • Check out the class schedule to find your chosen class. Find the Class Schedule under the PRACTICE tab above.
  • You can either register online (click on SIGN UP next to the class and follow the prompts) or you can simply come on in to the studio and register in person.
  • Plan to arrive about 15 minutes early to your first class so you can check in with the teacher, register and pay for class (if you haven’t done that yet) and get a studio tour.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that you feel good moving around in and sitting/lying on the floor (generally we encourage students to stay away from cotton in the heated classes and to stay away from extra tight clothing in the slower, more gentle classes).
  • Locker rooms are available for changing and/or showering.
  • We do have yoga mats and shower towels available for use at no extra charge.
  • We also have a filtered water and tea station, so please bring your own water bottle. We offer several types of tea and tea mugs are available to use free of charge.


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Why should I practice at Deha?
  • Because you want a quiet, clean and beautiful place to practice.
  • Because you want to be a name, not a number.
  • Because you want to be able to stretch out and take up space.
  • Because you want to SLOW IT DOWN.
  • Because you want to STRETCH IT OUT.
  • Because you want to BUILD STRENGTH.
  • Because you want to learn more about yoga beyond the physical postures.
  • Because you want a safe, comfortable place in which to explore your inner landscape.
  • Because you want to be part of a yoga family.
  • Because you want ALL of the amenities, at no extra charge.
  • Because you love practicing in the natural light.
  • Because you want to look at lovely things, read beautiful books and drink delicious tea.
  • Because you want to wear baggie sweatpants.
  • Because you are not interested in competing, being judged or meeting anyone else's expectations.
  • Because you want to practice with teachers that are kind, compassionate and real.
  • Because for you, yoga is not just exercise. Yoga is a lifestyle that puts you in deeper connection with everything around you.


Should I eat or drink before class?

We encourage you to avoid a heavy meal before any yoga class. Not only can it lead to nausea and stomach discomfort, it can be tough to concentrate when your belly is tasked with digesting a big meal. On the other hand, it can also be tough to practice when you are really hungry – so pick something small and healthy, like a banana or a handful of nuts, to eat 20-30 minutes before class. Definitely hydrate well (ideally you stay hydrated all day long) before any practice to reduce the likelihood of light-headedness. Continue to hydrate after practice as well (especially if it was a sweaty one) to replenish the fluids that you released. This will also reduce the likelihood of soreness over the following couple of days.


What do I need to bring to class with me?

We are happy to provide you with everything you need to practice at Deha.

Cold filtered water for your water bottle (please bring your own vessel), yoga mats that are hand-washed daily and machine-washed monthly (and are FREE to use), an extensive selection of yoga props to assist you in your practice (blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, lavender eye bags, massage balls, sand bags, meditation cushions) and towels (for sweat or for showering after class). We also have soap, shampoo and conditioner in each shower and an array of amenities in each bathroom (hair dryers, hair ties, Q-tips, tampons, etc...).

Please leave your cell phone in the locker room or your vehicle - NO electronics are allowed in either practice room.

Can I still practice if I have pain, an injury or am sick?

Yoga can be an important part of the healing process, both of body and mind.  You can most definitely practice yoga with all of these conditions but please avoid practicing at the studio if you have a contagious illness like a flu. For all other illnesses or injuries, we highly recommend a private yoga session with one of our knowledgeable instructors. You can book a private yoga session by calling the studio. We will pair you up with the teacher that is most suited for your specific situation.  A private session is a really great way for you to get to know us and for us to get to know your specific needs, current limitations & health goals. Remember, yoga can be used as both a preventative tool as well as a catalyst to assist the body in healing itself.  We would be honored to be a part of your healing journey!


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