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ERYT500, YACEP & Founder of Deha Yoga
Megan found yoga in college in 2003 and has been consistently practicing ever since. Her practice on the mat has been incredibly fulfilling in that it requires a constantly shifting perspective of the physical body. But it was her practice OFF the mat that guided her to open Deha Yoga in February of 2016. Megan received her 200-hour training in 2011 and completed her 300-hour training with Semperviva Yoga College in Vancouver, BC in early 2017. She gives gratitude to the many teachers that have helped inform her style: Bernie Clark's Yin Yoga, Judith Hanson Lasater's Restorative Yoga, Gurmukh and Gloria Latham's Kundalini Yoga, Adyashanti's True Meditation, Clara Roberts-Oss and Janet Stone's Vinyasa Yoga, Shelley Christopherson and Dr. Katy Komenda's Sanskrit for Yogis, Tiad and Surya Little's Prajna Yoga Style and so SO many more. Megan pulls on many styles, sources and lineages in her classes and requires much of her students – that they support their bodies, train their minds and connect to their own personal source of power. You will sing, dance, shake, cry, move, learn, settle, surrender, breathe, laugh and allow. Megan encourages you to be unconditionally curious in all that you do.

Megan instructs the following:
  • Yoga For Managing Stress
  • Yoga For Managing Stress
    Friday, August 3, 6-9pm
    a 3-hour workshop with Megan Piersma, ERYT500 and Becky Robison, RN & RYT200
    Stress is an important part of being human. We need stress in order to grow, to accomplish challenges and boost our immune system, not to mention stress is what gives us the added physical edge during an intense situation where our safety is of concern.
    However, most of us are now experiencing chronic stress and it's showing up in our life in a variety of ways. Abnormal sleep patterns, anxiety, depression, poor eating habits, loss of joy, lethargy, irritability, compromised immune system and increased symptoms in conditions already present within the body, such as autoimmune diseases.
    Yoga provides us with so many incredible tools to help reduce our stress load and heal our body, mind and spirit. Join us for an honest conversation, an exploration of practices and plenty of much deserved guided rest. You will come away from this workshop with a better understanding of how your body responds to stress and a whole pile of new stress-reducing tools to take home with you.
    Your Investment For This Workshop:
    • $35 Regular Rate
    • $28 Members Rate*

    *Members are students that have signed a contract for unlimited yoga and have an autopay schedule. Please do not choose this option if you have a class pass or only pay for drop-ins.

    Deha's Refund Policy:
    All workshop purchases are final sale and non-refundable. However, payments may be credited back to your account to be used toward future classes or workshops if you cancel at least 48 hours prior to the start of the class. We do not provide a refund if the class begins within 48 hours or has already begun. Please contact the studio with any questions or concerns; we are here to help!

  • Restore
  • This class is a stress BUSTER. Each posture is typically held for 4-10 minutes and is completely supported by props. No stretching, no muscular stress, just sweet, mellow release. Recommended at least once a week for maximum benefits that extend into all aspects of your life. All levels, 75 degrees.

  • Asana Intensive
  • This practice will involve exploring a broad range of movements in order to create ideal alignment, stability and strength within the chosen set of postures for the day. Each Sunday we'll explore one particular set of postures such as twists, seated poses, standing poses, balancing, inversions or reclined postures. Each class will be well-balanced and will give you an opportunity to dive a bit deeper into the chosen asana (postures) set, discovering smarter and more sustainable ways to express them. Consider this class to be a mini-workshop each week as we will utilize the wall, chairs and a variety of props to really get a different perspective. Let's go on a yoga adventure! This class is not appropriate for the beginning yogi as we will explore a variety of more advanced postures. 75-80 degrees.

  • Yin
  • This is a practice that stays low to the floor, but works deep into the connective tissues, fascial networks and joint capsules of the body. Primary focus is placed on the pelvis. Postures are held for extended periods of time to allow for muscular release. Once muscles release, the deeper “yin” tissues of the body are able to receive the benefits of the posture. For many, this class provides a deep energetic release as well. Because Yin Yoga targets ligaments, bones and joints, it is not recommended for those working with an active or recent injury, or for women in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Our Wednesday day class is only a $10 drop-in! 75 degrees.

  • Guided Savasana
  • Savasana: Corpse Pose
    A 30-minute deeply intentional rest. You have the option to stay upright, in a seated position (such as in meditation) or to recline on props for a more physically relaxing experience. You will be guided slowly into a deeper state of calm, emerging from this mini yogic "nap" with greater clarity of mind, more evenly distributed energy and a renewed zest for life!
    A regular savasana practice can help alleviate anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, gastrointestinal challenges and even skin conditions.
    Please note that this class is limited to 10 students; please register online to save your spot!
    Make your Monday evening even more intentional by staying afterwards for Megan's Yin Yoga class, which runs from 7:15-8:30pm.

    *This is a Community Class, which means that the drop-in fee is $10 (instead of $20). Members, you may use your membership and Pass Holders, you may use your pass!


  • Foundations
  • This is our introductory class. It’s great for students that are new to yoga, those interested in sprucing up on alignment or for those recovering from an injury. This practice will help ALL yogis build a solid foundation and will prepare them to move into the Vinyasa classes, if they so choose. While this practice is alignment focused and moves slowly, you will still work hard! All levels, 75 degrees.

  • Slow Flow
  • A deliciously slow-moving and fluid vinyasa class that allows you to find your own sweet groove. Each posture is expressed organically and mindfully, and your instructor will offer you many options for either going deeper or lightening up, and it will all depend on your mood! Solace for your whole being and a nice way to balance the summer high without sacrificing your love for the flow! All levels. 80 degrees.