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Melissa instructs the following:
  • Journey Through the Chakras: a sound experience
  • Journey Through the Chakras: a sound experience
    Thursday, September 27, 2018 > 7:30-9pm
    with Melissa Mitchell and Megan Piersma

    Please read the fine print at the bottom of the event description.

    Join Melissa and Megan on a fabulous movement + sound + energy adventure! We will explore the seven main chakras using postures, crystal bowls and other instruments, our voice, breath, and meditation and visualization! This is an all-levels practice that is designed to support you in experiencing something new while on your mat - come with your curiosity in hand!
    Deha is honored to host the supremely talented Melissa Mitchell: local singing & songwriting goddess! Inspired by personal experiences and a desire to connect with her audience, Melissa's music combines powerful lyrics and melodies with a soulful vocal delivery that aims straight for the heart. A committed social activist, Melissa contributes her time and energy to various local organizations and events where she is witness to the truly healing power of music.

    *Please note that this event is only open to Deha's unlimited yoga members (Deha Members or Deha Soul Members).This means that if you are a limited classes member, have a class pass or usually only pay for drop-ins, we kindly ask that you do not register for this event. We promise that we will be hosting more events like this through the winter and those will be open to ALL! This first one is a special treat for our most dedicated students. Thank you! Namaste, Deha <3
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