through the body, connect to soul


Nikki Donoghue, RYT200
Nikki first introduction to yoga as a living practice was through meditation, seeking peace from the stresses of every day life and a “hyper-focused mind.” The physical practice of yoga came after years of inner soul searching and a desire to connect her newly balanced mind to body, and body to daily life.

Nikki has long been drawn to activities of moving the body. Since the early age of five years old she has been actively involved in dance, gymnastics, figure skating, and even trick hula hooping. Nikki’s favorite expressions of yoga are those that focus on breath before alignment, and alignment before depth. She graduated her 200hr in Anchorage, Alaska under Kimberly Greeff, the creator of Evolve Yoga in May 2018. Nikki is also a certified Roll Model Method® instructor, and incorporates working with yoga therapy balls in her classes to help increase mobility and decrease muscle tension.

Ultimately, Nikki wholeheartedly believes that yoga is for everyone, and wants to assist students with their journeys in feeling more empowered in their lives, and more comfortable in their bodies.

Nikki instructs the following:
  • Yoga Roll
  • A deconstructed yoga class that emphasizes the use of self-massage techniques using therapy balls to reduce muscle tension followed by rhythmic yoga poses to help increase strength. Designed for students who are looking to decrease pain and increase mobility. Suitable for all levels who seek stress reduction and search for more tools assisting with their journey to better body awareness. 75 degrees.