through the body, connect to soul


Lynne was attracted to yoga because of its vigorous physical expression yet calming and meditative qualities. After practicing yoga for 7 years she thought it important to share the benefits of yoga with others, so enrolled in a 2-year teacher training program at Inner Dance Yoga Studio. Lynne has now been teaching for over 8 years, with over 600 hours of teaching experience.
Having come to yoga at the age of 48 she understands the challenges of practicing with an aging body, but also the essential need to keep moving to maintain one's health. She specializes and thoroughly enjoys teaching students over 50 that may have some physical limitations but are vital and energetic.
Lynne continues to learn through self-study and attending workshops offered by master teachers. By integrating the most current research on body mechanics with the traditional teachings she keeps her classes constantly evolving. Lynne emphasizes proper positioning, modifications to poses where needed and moving with the breath to connect inside and out. Lynne believes that everyone can enjoy and benefit from a yoga practice no matter what age or physical condition.

Lynne is currently not instructing any classes.