through the body, connect to soul


For Becky, like most of us, yoga began as a physical practice almost a decade ago. She loved the challenge of asana and delighted in a fast-paced, fun, flowing vinyasa class. Over the years, her yoga practice evolved from primarily a physical one to one that is more nurturing, contemplative, and restorative. As a critical care nurse, Becky experiences first-hand the effects of injury, stress, and illness – which are profoundly traumatizing for the person, their families, and also their caretakers. Physically and emotionally, she began to feel overwhelmed in her nursing career. By slowing down and deepening her yoga practice, she discovered its powerful ability to heal and rejuvenate. It became an important part of a daily self-care ritual that allows her to be more present and compassionate with herself and when caring for others. This realization led to a desire to share yoga with others. Becky took a 200-hour interdisciplinary yoga teacher training in Nosara, Costa Rica, followed by a mentorship with Kim Greeff in Anchorage, and Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga training with Judith Lasater. With this guidance, Becky has discovered a passion for teaching yoga that is accessible to all. In her classes, she hopes to share the healing benefits of yoga and to help you live better in body, mind, and spirit.

Becky is currently not instructing any classes.