through the body, connect to soul


For the past year Mandy has been finding her yoga legs on the high seas aboard a Norwegian tall-ship, which was circumnavigating the globe! Daily practice and a weekly yoga club for the students gave her a new respect for standing postures and patience. Prior to this she was teaching yoga in Kathmandu Nepal, but her love of yoga began in a hot room on a cold night in Anchorage, Alaska. She took her first yoga class in 2009, but didn't really discover her love for the practice until her high school students convinced her to started a yoga club in 2010. This was her first yoga family.
She received her 200 hour training in the beautiful city of Rishikesh, India, on the holy River Ganges, and has had the gift of practicing with people from all over the world throughout her travels.
Mandy brings her high energy and her love for music into her classes, creating a dynamic rhythm to the practice. Mandy believes yoga is integral for physical and mental health, and believes in the power of yoga to rehabilitate. She hopes her students enjoy a good sweat and allow themselves to laugh out loud in each class.

Mandy instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa II
  • A vinyasa flow practice where we explore all the usual postures (sun salutes, the warriors, backbends, hip openers) in a fluid and creative way. This is a practice where you can lose yourself in the simple rhythm of linking breath with movement. Experience with "flow" yoga is recommended as more challenging postures are taught (arm balances & inversions). Modifications are always given! 80 degrees.