through the body, connect to soul


Justine experienced her first taste of yoga over a decade ago, and after 5 years of falling in and out of a practice, she stepped whole-heartedly onto the path of yoga when she began to shift her perspective from a purely physical practice, to something that could be woven throughout all aspects of life. Her curiosity about the inner workings and determination to dissect the practice of yoga brought her to her first 200-hr training in 2015 through School Yoga Institute. Through consistent and devoted teaching since, exploratory personal practice, various healing modalities through White Raven Center, and an insatiable hunger to discover more about the human experience, she has found a teaching style that combines building a relationship with the body, mind, and spirit, and challenging ourselves to settle into the comforts and discomforts of the constant ebb and flow of life. She continues to educate herself on the synchronicity between the present moment and the natural cycles of life. Since stepping into Deha Yoga, she has expanded her offerings through various trainings, including Yoga Nidra, Chakra training with Anodea Judith, as well as Megan Piersma’s Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga Teacher Training. Megan has been deeply influential to the teacher Justine is today, and the opportunities and growth the studio and community has offered to her journey is irreplaceable. Her heart is truly present in all she teaches, as her inspiration comes from a desire to deeply connect and awaken to the truth of ourselves: that we are pure LIGHT!

Justine instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa
  • A vinyasa flow practice where we explore all the usual postures (sun salutes, the warriors, backbends, hip openers) in a fluid and creative way. This is a practice where you can lose yourself in the simple rhythm of linking breath with movement. The level of the class will depend on the teacher and the needs of the students. You can always make classes easier or more challenging for yourself by following the teachers' cues for variations and modifications of the poses. 80 degrees.

  • Restore
  • This class is a stress BUSTER. Each posture is typically held for 4-10 minutes and is completely supported by props. No stretching, no muscular stress, just sweet, mellow release. Recommended at least once a week for maximum benefits that extend into all aspects of your life. All levels, 75 degrees.

  • Slow Flow
  • A deliciously slow-moving and fluid vinyasa class that allows you to find your own sweet groove. Each posture is expressed organically and mindfully, and your instructor will offer you many options for either going deeper or lightening up, and it will all depend on your mood! Solace for your whole being and a nice way to balance the summer high without sacrificing your love for the flow! All levels. 80 degrees.

  • Guided Yoga Nidra
  • Thursdays, 6:30-7pm, Guided Yoga Nidra
    The word nidra means "sleep" and when the words YOGA and NIDRA are put together, it represents an important contradiction. Yoga Nidra is the practice of building awareness across all states of our consciousness, including our mind state of unconscious, or deep sleep. Spiritual seekers of old noticed that we tend to be asleep to our true nature - one of joy and undisturbed peace, even when (or especially when) we are presented with pain, challenges and uncertainty. We often carry the stress of our waking lives into our sleep and then we experience difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or we wake up feeling exhausted. The practice of Yoga Nidra allows us to access a much deeper quality of rest and assists in unwinding patterns of stress in the body and mind. With a regular practice, you will begin to see the benefits Yoga Nidra offers - consistent energy through the day, a more restorative and regular night's sleep and a deeper connection to a relaxed body and mind.
    Please note that this class is limited to 12 students; please register online to save your spot!
    Make your Thursday evening even more intentional by staying afterwards for the Yin Yoga class, which runs from 7:15-8:30pm.

    *This is a Community Class, which means that the drop-in fee is $10 (instead of $20). Members, you may use your membership and Pass Holders, you may use your pass!

  • Sacred Sunday
  • A 2-hour practice on Sunday mornings dedicated to the union of self with spirit. Arrive with an open mind in order to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of yoga– chanting, meditation, energy work, pranayama, physical movement, yoga philosophy… nothing is off-limits in this powerful practice. At least a year of regular practice is recommended before attending this class. 80 degrees.
    Please note that beginning June 1, Sacred Sunday will be from 9:30-11am (just for the summer months!).