through the body, connect to soul


Certified Shamanic Practitioner
Chet comes to Deha Yoga with a diverse background of experiences. Although each lifestyle and accomplishment has helped shape who he is today, none of those experiences can be used to define him. As a certified Shamanic Practitioner, his goals are to help people empower themselves through their experiences (both physical and emotional) rather than perform any type of physical or mental doctoring. His training and experiences have reinforced his belief that any dis-ease we encounter is an opportunity to recognize misalignment with who we truly are. Chet has chosen to embrace a shamanic way of life, and is eager to assist if you feel drawn to this as well. Services available include Assisted Shamanic Journeying, Cleansing, Natural Object Divination, and Personal or Small Group Ceremonies.

Chet is currently not instructing any classes.