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Slow Flow

This class is taught by:

Becca Marushack

Rebecca Marushack MOTR/L- RYT500
Becca graduated in 2013 with a Masters in Occupational Therapy and has a passion for helping people feel their best! Becca began practicing yoga as a teenager after receiving a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. Yoga provided a safe environment with the “just right challenge” for her to explore the connection between intentional movement and awareness, which has shaped her view on the world. The practice of yoga and meditation has been a pivotal tool for Becca to remain strong, flexible, and intentional in her daily life.
Becca completed her first 200-hour training in Hatha Yoga at Pralaya Yoga in Houston and her second 200-hour training through Pavones Yoga Center in Pavones, Costa Rica in 2017. More recently Becca completed a 300-hour program in Integrated Vinyasa through Colorado School of Yoga to elevate her offering.
Becca informs her practice of Occupational Therapy with elements of yoga and meditation. Becca’s classes are an experience of safe and intentional movement, to help her students feel vibrant and take note of their own personal aptitude.

Tyler Huling

Tyler practices yoga in a continued effort to shift into a place of clarity. She gets there in some moments and doesn't in others, all the while trying not to take it too seriously. She teaches what she knows - what feels genuine in each moment. Her classes offer accessibility, a grounding energy, and the invitation to play. Tyler embraces the imperfect perfection of being a human and encourages others to do the same. She gives thanks to all the teachers along the path - both intentional and unintentional.

Justine Weitzman

Justine experienced her first taste of yoga over a decade ago, and after 5 years of falling in and out of a practice, she stepped whole-heartedly onto the path of yoga when she began to shift her perspective from a purely physical practice, to something that could be woven throughout all aspects of life. Her curiosity about the inner workings and determination to dissect the practice of yoga brought her to her first 200-hr training in 2015 through School Yoga Institute. Through consistent and devoted teaching since, exploratory personal practice, various healing modalities through White Raven Center, and an insatiable hunger to discover more about the human experience, she has found a teaching style that combines building a relationship with the body, mind, and spirit, and challenging ourselves to settle into the comforts and discomforts of the constant ebb and flow of life. She continues to educate herself on the synchronicity between the present moment and the natural cycles of life. Since stepping into Deha Yoga, she has expanded her offerings through various trainings, including Yoga Nidra, Chakra training with Anodea Judith, as well as Megan Piersma’s Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga Teacher Training. Megan has been deeply influential to the teacher Justine is today, and the opportunities and growth the studio and community has offered to her journey is irreplaceable. Her heart is truly present in all she teaches, as her inspiration comes from a desire to deeply connect and awaken to the truth of ourselves: that we are pure LIGHT!

Jen L. Lindberg

Jen Lindberg, RYT200
My life and yoga philosophies have been turned upside down in the last few years. As a life-long athlete, I have tried just about any sport I could get my hands on and have spent the majority of my life playing soccer, distance running, and racing triathlons. I have come to realize that my former ‘no-pain, no-gain’ mantra might have been a bit misinformed as I struggle through multiple repetitive motion and high impact injuries. Today, I seek health and longevity in my body. With more than 15 years of experience practicing yoga, I have learned to avoid pain while searching for the burn so I can keep doing the things I love – injury free. My classes are informed by the philosophy that hard work doesn’t have to hurt! Join me to move with intention, call your head and heart back to the present moment, and feel the slow burn.

Joyce Mayer

Joyce has taken the long road to teaching, through a beginning practice 35 years ago, as an exhausted college student, in a dusty church attic in Harvard Square, years of dance (as a student and performer), Pilates, and multidisciplinary spiritual practice. Her academic experience includes a degree in molecular biology, with special studies in vertebrate development and structure. She is an adjunct professor in ballet at UAA Department of Theater and Dance, instructs ballet at Pulse Dance Studio, and teaches Pilates at Alaska Dance Theater. After years of parenthood, performance, and teaching, a return to active yoga practice provided a means of grounding her kinesthetic impulses in a consciously integrated technology, that is healing, joyful, and provokes endless exploration. She received her 200 hour teacher training through Anchorage Yoga, in 2014, and hopes to extend to her classes the opportunity to gather what they seek from the experience, and to be open to the possibility of the unexpected.

Shelley Christopherson

Shelley Christopherson has been practicing yoga and meditation since 2001. She studied Comparative Religions at San Diego State University, and the University of Colorado at Denver 1998-2005, where she fell in love with Eastern religion, spirituality and philosophy. She received her 200 RYT from Ashtanga and Iyengar-based school, Axis Yoga, in Denver in 2005. The past 10 years have to been devoted to Sanskrit studies with Dr. Katy Komenda. This practice has deepened her awareness of the subtle body, bridged an endless awakening to the ancient texts, and inspired a deep love for the language of the yoga tradition. She has taught all over the state of Alaska, and is currently residing in Anchorage with her family.
A deliciously slow-moving and fluid vinyasa class that allows you to find your own sweet groove. Each posture is expressed organically and mindfully, and your instructor will offer you many options for either going deeper or lightening up, and it will all depend on your mood! Solace for your whole being and a nice way to slow down without sacrificing your love for the flow! The level of the class will depend on the teacher and the needs of the students. You can always make classes easier or more challenging for yourself by following the teachers' cues for variations and modifications of the poses. 80 degrees.

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