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This class is taught by:

John Gregoire

John began his yoga journey in 1999 at UAA with Nirvair Singh Khalsa. Nirvair inspired John to explore multiple yoga disciplines and he eventually found his way to Bruce and Karen Greenwood who quickly became his guides, his friends and his teachers. John studied for his teacher certification with Align Yoga School (owned and operated by the Greenwoods). John has been teaching regularly for two years and enjoys the exploration of body, mind and perceived limitation. John celebrates embracing the unknown and exploring possibilities through fun, challenging, and purposeful practices!

Lidija Poljacek-Umphenour

Lidija Poljacek-Umphenour, ERYT500, YACEP
What is a lawyer suppose to do when she moves to a new country with a different legal system? Become a yoga teacher of course.
Lidija came to yoga when she was looking for a dance studio in Anchorage. At first it was the Asana (postures) that drew her in. Then came the realization that yoga is so much more. However what really got her hooked is when she saw how yoga can change lives of people who are dealing with different challenges and difficulties. Her interest was in yoga with therapy modules and her quest brought her to San Diego where she studied at YogaWell Institute for Progressive Therapies. Her international travels as a journalist awarded her opportunities to teach not only in Anchorage but throughout the US. She has also taught classes and workshops in Slovenia, Germany, Poland and Croatia. Lidija loves to teach many styles: Therapeutic, Yoga for Warriors, Strong Hatha and Vinyasa, Gentle, Restorative, and Meditation. She says that yoga has something for everyone. Yoga, to her, is a never ending source and resource for a life well lived.
Lidija believes you are never to old or to young to do yoga and some day she hopes to teach yoga to astronauts heading to Mars. Because.... Yoga in space of course.

Nikki Donoghue

Nikki Donoghue, RYT200
Nikki first introduction to yoga as a living practice was through meditation, seeking peace from the stresses of every day life and a “hyper-focused mind.” The physical practice of yoga came after years of inner soul searching and a desire to connect her newly balanced mind to body, and body to daily life.

Nikki has long been drawn to activities of moving the body. Since the early age of five years old she has been actively involved in dance, gymnastics, figure skating, and even trick hula hooping. Nikki’s favorite expressions of yoga are those that focus on breath before alignment, and alignment before depth. She graduated her 200hr in Anchorage, Alaska under Kimberly Greeff, the creator of Evolve Yoga in May 2018. Nikki is also a certified Roll Model Method® instructor, and incorporates working with yoga therapy balls in her classes to help increase mobility and decrease muscle tension.

Ultimately, Nikki wholeheartedly believes that yoga is for everyone, and wants to assist students with their journeys in feeling more empowered in their lives, and more comfortable in their bodies.

Kara Troglin

Kara's love for yoga began over ten years ago when she experienced immediate relief from stress and physical and emotional pain. The practice was at first a hobby that would come and go, until after graduation when she moved to Alaska. Kara was challenged by severe depression and anxiety so she recommitted herself to a daily practice and had spent the last three years building her home practice, committed to self-healing and expanding her knowledge of yoga to share with others.

In 2017, Kara completed her 500-hour teacher training with Zuna Yoga in Bali, Indonesia under the supervision of masterful instructors.
Kara's focus is on making yoga accessible to every person and adapt classes around each students individual needs. It is her passion to share how yoga is deeply healing and transformational and her classes are heavily inspired by the power of breath, authentic transparency, and our connection with the natural world.
Join us on Thursday, October 18, 12-1pm for a Teacher Try-Out class!

Tyler's Class Description:
A deliciously slow-moving and fluid vinyasa class that allows you to find your own sweet groove. Each posture is expressed organically and mindfully, and your instructor will offer you many options for either going deeper or lightening up, and it will all depend on your mood! Solace for your whole being and a nice way to balance the summer high without sacrificing your love for the flow! All levels. 80 degrees.
Tyler's Teaching Bio:
Tyler practices yoga in an effort to bring herself into a state of being from which she can see things the way they really are - full of love and light. She gets there in some moments and doesn't in others, all the while trying not to take it too seriously. After completing her 200 hour in Arambol, India, she began teaching during the summer of 2018. Her classes offer a calm pace, grounding energy, and the invitation to explore your inner terrain. Tyler embraces the imperfect perfection of being a human, and encourages others to do the same. She considers the journey inward, and walking the road towards an evolution of consciousness, to be the most important work there is. She gives thank to all the teachers along the path - both intentional and unintentional.