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Yin Yoga Teacher Training

30 Hours, June 12-18

Roll Out Mini-Retreat

Saturday, April 22, 2:30-4:30pm

Welcome to Deha Yoga

Located on the south side of Anchorage, Alaska

Deha is a studio that supports and encourages personal growth, the exploration of yoga and the practice of increasing self-awareness. You will find a variety of class styles every day of the week at Deha, but all classes have the same underlying theme; all are a thread in the same cloth. We view the practice of yoga as a sacred way to increase joy, find connection and heal physically, mentally, and energetically.

The teachers of Deha are committed not just to giving you a stellar physical experience, but in offering assistance as you journey deeper within. We gently remind you that your practice is so much more than moving your body, but a direct link to how you live your life; from the way you interact with those around you, to the thoughts that dominate your thinking mind, to how you view the world.

There is so much we can learn from each other, from our community, from our yoga practice.
Let's share our light and dive deep together!


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